Salazka Siberian Huskies

Salazka Siberian Huskies

Born to Run


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A Six Dog Team of "Salazka" Siberian Huskies in 2003

Azgard Dark Storm & Salazka Keshena (Lead)

Azgard Valhalla Daze & Ch. Salazka Tuchka (Swing)

Azgard Dancer & Tattooed Serpent (Wheel) 

Carole & Dave Williams own a medium sized kennel of purebred Siberian Huskies on the Cambridgeshire/Norfolk border, England.

We have owned this unique breed since 1995 and in the early days have been able to select dogs from the best available blood lines in the United Kingdom.

Our foundation stock has the background of the well known and respected UK kennels of Rajarani, Zoox, Azgard and Aceca.

We have more recently been able to add Alaskan Anadyr and Igloopak bloodlines thanks to the dogs imported by the Azgard kennel.  
Now, in 2016, we have been able to import a new dog into the UK which will hopefully add to the gene pool and help other kennels in developing their breeding programmes.

All enquiries to Carole or Dave Williams

Contact us:- 

Telephone & Fax +44 (0)1945 410162





Four dog team consisting of three generations of Salazka Siberians in 2005.

Azgard Dark Storm at Salazka (8 y-o) Lead
Salazka Nu'Tenut (15 months) Lead
Salazka Ku'Urkil (15 months) Wheel
Ch.Salazka Tuchka (4 y-o) Wheel

Photo: Shane Wilkinson - Chillpics


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A six dog team of "Salazka" Siberians in December 2007.

Salazka's Quikinna'Qu & Salazka's Nu'tenat (Lead)

Salazka's Antti & Azgard Stampede (Swing)

Salazka's Ku'Urkil & Salazka's Xaya Iccita (Wheel)

Photo by Chris Wellstead